We acknowledge that we operate in a constructed reality with constructed identities. We work to make plain, and offer 
liberation, from such realities.
  • We are a holistic gang that makes no distinction between life and art. 
  • We incorporate differing forms of knowing and discourse including sensorial somatic knowledges.  
  • We are not essentialists, and reject binary definitions as divisive constructs.
  • We reject hierarchies of knowledge. It’s all process.
  • We challenge inertia in all its forms - we engage, maintaining a ‘restive wakefulness’. 
  • We are not in control. We embrace mistakes, accidents, awkwardness and risk; failure is a revolutionary strategy 
  • We reject boundaries between art forms, countries and gender demarkation. 
  • We acknowledge the emotional labour of care and work to highlight its invisibility.
  • We don’t mind getting lost, and pin nothing down as final or finished, accepting mutation and fluidity. 
  • We move about but wherever we are we engage locally.
  • We respect the agency of all beings, rejecting the supremacy of the human over other animals and our environment.
  • We are bolshy and bold in all that we do.

With thanks to the Cyborg Manifesto, the Xenofeminist Manifesto, the Futurist Manifesto  and the writing of Jack Halberstam.