Operation Herbody

Our projected series of works, focuses on the medicalisation of the female body, and we’ve secured partnerships with MK Gallery, Milton Keynes, who have offered us a performance opportunity on the 4th of July to coincide with their Paula Rego exhibition, plus studio space for workshops, and Milton Keynes Museum who have invited us to perform in their upcoming HerStory Exhibition and to exhibit an object in the exhibition. We have now received funding from the Arts Council of England and the Milton Keynes Community Foundation. Please find links for tickets here OPERATION HERBODY

Re enactment of the hand positions of women Surgeons in a painting by an unknown WW1 Artist. At The Cass School of Art Architecture & Design, Theatre Studio March 2019.

Deej Fabyc and Sarah Andrew experiment with gesture and medical materials  the words were painstakingly threaded into the medical grade hoses by Fabyc as part of an Earlier durational performance HCV negative. Courtesy of the The Studio Theatre at The Cass School of Art Architecture and Design LMU

Workshopping some Ideas all photos Soren James

Our Support

Thank you to all our in Kind and Financial supporters



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